Holi is a festival of colors. India, already a nation of vibrancy gets more enthusiastic around the festival. If you plan to visit Rajasthan during this period, you should not miss Jaipur and Pushkar at any cost.

In Jaipur, the Pink City Festival, Holi is played with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The celebration starts before the actual festival. In the week before Holly, Jaipur likes to buy flowers and arrows in the streets of Buddy and Choti Chaupad. The first day of Holly-Holika Dahan was celebrated in the city palace with the royal family lighting a stake. The next day Holly is celebrated as Color Day, also called Dhulandi, where people throw flowers all day, sing songs and dance together.

Jaipur’s Gulaal Gotas

The festival of bright colors is back and like every year, the market focuses on offering the latest toys for spraying colorful water. During the Holi season, toys or spray toys enter the national market, but traditionally in the Jaipur market. Gulaal Gotas or Canon Water Bowls are also found on the streets of Hawa Mahal and Choti Chopar, made by enamel paint, these water cannon shells are not only environmentally friendly but also safe.

Pushkar’s Kapda Faad Holi

It sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it? But this is one of Holly’s oldest traditions in Pushkar. Men are not allowed to keep their shirts intact. Every man who joins the party must tear his shirt and throw it in the wind. But make sure, if you are a woman, such a thing will not happen to you. Staff is well aware of the limitations of this tradition and safety is very strict during the Color Festival. There were security forces and volunteers who walked through the city and the square to see everyone present. Alcohol consumption, consumption without vegetation and obscene acts towards passengers or women are strictly prohibited. You can run and enjoy the party to the fullest – no one will bother you, my friend!

These are just a glimpse, there is many more to the Holi festival in Rajasthan. So start planning right away!

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