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The city of beaches and cathedrals has nothing but the most beautiful scenes for a person to visit.  Many people wanted to do teacher training courses from reputable yoga school wanted to do  yoga  retreat in Goa after work at one of the reputable yoga school for the last five years in Goa and Rishikesh And yoga tours by India our founder Ankit  took a step forward and started Teacher training courses in Goa Well, if you are aspiring to enroll for the Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa with the beautiful beaches  you can enrol for 200 & 300  hours yoga training  program in Goa.

There have many schools provide teacher training courses but, beware. Not all of the training schools deliver results with 100% as their chief goal is to make money.

Well, yogis, you don’t need to bewilder any more, as we are chief service providers in the market. We don’t need to brag for ourselves as our credentials do. We have been ranked among the top 5 among all. Not just this, our services have also received recognition from tourism departments. Our founder, Ankit use to work at one of the reputable yoga school for the last five years and now has his own registered Teacher Training School in Goa.

We started this journey Just for our Yogi people after such a positive response from a yoga training program in Rishikesh and Jaipur. 


Our practices are targeted only on the goal to become to provide the Best Teacher Training Course and become the Best Yoga School in Goa Our curriculum has been designed in the guidance of USA Yoga Alliance. We inculcate the methods of traditional yoga styles combine with hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, and others.

Our school has highly qualified teachers to give you the best authentic knowledge of yoga. We ensure to enlighten every student with a holistic experience of yoga science and cosmic power of yoga. And to maintain our reputation we provide very comfortable clean rooms and healthy meals.

In nutshell, our training school will help you release stress to enjoy spirituality and nature and holistic energy by our teachers and colorful incredible India !!!!! 


MonthPeriodSharing Room FeesPersonal Room Fees
October 20193rd October – 27th October1000 Euro1200 Euro
November 20193rd November – 27th November1000 Euro1200 Euro
December 20193rd December – 27th December1000 Euro1200 Euro
January 20203rd January – 27th January1000 Euro1200 Euro
February 20203rd February – 27th February1000 Euro1200 Euro
March 20203rd March – 27th March1000 Euro1200 Euro
April 20203rd April – 27th April1000 Euro1200 Euro
May 20203rd May – 27th May1000 Euro1200 Euro
June 20203rd June – 27th June1000 Euro1200 Euro
July 20203rd July – 27th July1000 Euro1200 Euro
August 20203rd August – 27th August1000 Euro1200 Euro
September 20203rd September – 27th September1000 Euro1200 Euro

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