5 Yoga Poses To Lose Weight And Stubborn Fat

Popularly the yoga can be known for calming mind and meditation but its therapeutic benefits are over and above. A lot more than hitting gym, hours of sweaty Zumba sessions or more effective than expensive treatment sessions; yoga is a wonderful way to cut those inches. Moreover, it has more advantages over others for workouts and treatments because it reduces stress, which is one of the main factors in weight gain.

So if you are looking a better way to drop some kilos and get into better shape for better and long term effects choose Yoga For Weight Loss. Scroll down to know those effective asanas that can help you achieve your goals.

Surya Namaskar

More than just stretching to warms up the muscles and improve blood flow, this Weight Loss Yoga asana do so much more. More than just holding a position, this technique involves following 12 steps in one set that stretches the body in different ways. This is the most effective yoga to lose weight and achieve body makeover. As this process generated heat in the body by cutting fat it tones neck, arms, spine, leg, and shoulders. For optimum results, it is advisable to do as many steps as one can do out of their comfort zone.


Most of the people face the problem of fat deposition around thighs and arms. Also known as warrior pose, this yoga technique is done in two different ways which help to cut the stubborn fat. Following this Weight Loss Yoga Steps help you tighter your quads while melting the excessive fat.

For the very first position, stand straight with legs wide open. Next, bend your knee in a way that your thigh is parallel to the floor and hand wide open parallel to the ground. The longer you hold the position, tighten your thighs will be.

While in the other type of asana, first stand straight. Lift your left leg while bending your torso on front side and hands stretched in the same direction. Hold these positions for as much as you can and repeat the time interval. Unlike first, this position can help you get tighter abs and thighs while strengthening arms and back.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also known as downward dog position, this is a complete body toning asana. To perform this asana stand erect with hands stretched upward. Slowly, bend your torso and hands towards the floor. While remaining in the position, stretch your hand away from feet in a way to form a triangle. To get the most out of this Yoga For Weight Loss At Home, rotate your thigh muscle inward and don’t forget to breathe. This way you can firm your arms, back, and thighs.


If you like those trimmed and toned abs, add this asana in your daily routine for sure. To perform this asana stand straight and part your legs and hands wide open. Now slowly bend down from one side in a way to touch hands to the feet. Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat the process with the other side. This twisting position helps to reduce belly fat and improve digestion by the engaging leg and arm muscles and toning them as well.


In the sequence to cut down belly fat fast it also tones and strengthens other muscles like chest, back and thighs. You can perform the Yoga Asana For Weight Loss by lying on the stomach. Now raise your torso while abdomen and hips resting on the floor along with rising legs. Hold your feet and try to stretch muscles while being in the position.

Well for better and effective weight loss aid these yoga poses with proper diet and regularity in the plans.

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