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Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

The city of beaches and cathedrals has nothing but the most exquisite scenes for vacationers across the globe. If you search for the best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa with superb beaches, you can register for a 200 & 300 hours yoga teacher training course in Goa. Join our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa.

Curriculum of Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

Our curriculum has been designed under the guidance of the USA Yoga Alliance. We teach traditional yoga styles to merge with Hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, and others. Our school has highly competent teachers to give you the best authentic knowledge of yoga. We ensure to enlighten every student with a holistic experience of yoga science and yoga’s cosmic power. And to maintain our reputation, we provide pleasant, clean rooms and hearty meals.

In a nutshell, our training school will support you to release stress to experience spirituality and nature and holistic energy by our teachers and incredible colorful India !!!!!

yoga tours in india

200 HRS Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa – Dates and Fees

Month Period Sharing Room Fees Personal Room Fees
October 2019 3rd October – 27th October 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
November 2019 3rd November - 27th November 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
December 2019 3rd December - 27th December 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
January 2020 3rd January - 27th January 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
February 2020 3rd February - 27th February 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
March 2020 3rd March - 27th March 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
April 2020 3rd April - 27th April 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
May 2020 3rd May - 27th May 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
June 2020 3rd June - 27th June 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
July 2020 3rd July - 27th July 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
August 2020 3rd August - 27th August 1000 Euro 1200 Euro
September 2020 3rd September - 27th September 1000 Euro 1200 Euro

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